The ADHD Fix

Government Supports “Safer” Crack Smoking

2014-07-30 09:36:14

I am embarrassed to tell you about this. I still can’t believe our precious health care dollars are being spent on teaching people to smoke crack and use other drugs in a safer manner. It’s true. It’s called harm reduction. Having ADHD can mean that you or a family member may turn to self-medication to control some of your symptoms.

Having Problems Focusing at Work?

2014-07-28 09:36:32

Getting the most out of your work day can be challenging for many reasons. Constant emails, un-announced meetings, distracted environments to name a few, can have a significant impact on your productivity. Working for someone else or yourself in your own business means you need specific strategies and structures to stay focused.

ADHD Strategies are Boring

2014-07-21 08:55:09

I am starting to wonder why, if we know how to manage our ADHD symptoms, many of us choose not to. Could it be that the very common symptom of ADHD, getting bored easily, is stopping you from being successful? Let’s take performing better in social situations. Having ADHD means that often when in a social situation if you don’t use a deliberate strategy, you may talk too much because of working memory issues, not understanding others’ conversations, or just not fit in.

Stress poses real risk, and might in fact be contagious

2014-07-17 10:55:54

We sometimes have a tendency to place stress in an entirely different category than other physical ailments. Sure, the effects of stress are real and can be felt, but we tend to separate stress from other viruses or sicknesses, and this connotation can sometimes cause us to take stress more lightly that some of its medical counterparts.

Getting Better can be Harmful

2014-07-14 10:48:41

If you or a family member has a diagnosis of ADHD or Chronic Pain things have changed in your family. Healthy families adjust to help take care of the symptoms or limitations placed on the person by that diagnosis. If this has been going on a long time, then the family system becomes rigid or fixed or less likely to change.

Stop Trying to Be Great at Everything

2014-06-30 09:14:35

While you may know your strengths, or what you are good at, it is highly likely that without a doubt, especially if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you know your weaknesses. People have likely been telling you all of your life what you don’t do very well.

ADHD Report Cards

2014-06-23 10:21:36

“Henry needs to pay better attention in class. He seems distracted and not doing his best. Homework is often incomplete. His desk isn’t organized, and performance rarely meets expectations. He needs to be more social with peers and come out of his shell. Have a great summer.”

ADHD Medication……and what else?

2014-06-16 09:43:30

You or your child may be taking medication for ADHD symptoms. Assuming you have received an accurate diagnosis, I ask this question: “What else are you doing?” It is a question you should be asking yourself each week you or your child is taking medication for ADHD.

The Summer ADHD To-Do List

2014-06-02 08:35:33

As we quickly approach the summer holidays, for children and teens, it’s a good time to get perspective and set goals and things to do. Here is my list for you this year if you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Creativity and ADHD

2014-05-26 08:13:47

A poll question posted at our web site demonstrated that most of you felt that creativity was one of the most beneficial traits of having ADHD. While research isn’t clear on this one, it is widely felt by those of you that answered the poll question that this is a fact (67%). Creative thinking is often called “out of the box” thinking where solutions presented by the ADHD brain are not in keeping with what most people would think.

Announcing “Living with Chronic Pain”

2014-05-20 15:52:31

In our practice at we focus on assessing and treating ADHD, and also the assessment and treatment of chronic pain. While this blog will continue on a twice monthly basis, I am pleased to announce the launch of one other blog that I will be writing twice a month titled “Living with Chronic Pain.”

Who can You Trust?

2014-05-12 08:41:44

You walk into a restaurant for the first time, and it’s very dirty. The floors haven’t been cleaned in a while, tables are full of dirty dishes, and the place is empty, even though it’s dinner hour on a Friday night. Would you go in and order the special? Would you trust them to prepare your meal?

Let Them “Win” and See What Happens

2014-05-05 08:50:21

I was set to enjoy a short 2-hour flight to Atlantic Canada. WestJet offers satellite television on flights, so between the business and sports channel, the time was to fly by. Problem is, when I sat down, I noticed that my television wasn’t working. When I asked the steward, he indicated that it just needed to rest. Later, after takeoff when it still wasn’t working, he told me he would give me a $25 voucher for the inconvenience. Fine I thought, might be a good time to just do nothing and recharge the

Don’t Be Fooled by Randomness

2014-04-28 09:07:28

It was a very cold Saturday as we set out to hunt Steelhead on one of our favourite rivers this past weekend. (I’ll keep the name of the river private as most fishermen we don’t want to let people know where we go) Steelhead is a very smart, intelligent, athletic fish. They don’t get to be their size swimming down a very small river with hundreds of fishermen trying to catch them, unless they understand how to stay alive.

Can You Just Teach Children to Read, Write and do Arithmetic?

2014-04-23 13:38:06

Why the Lambton Kent District School Boards Policy on Mental Health is going to Hurt Children Today, driving into the office, the local radio station led with the story of how the Lambton Kent District School Board announced a Board wide policy on Mental Health to help teachers better identify children in need and how to help them.

College or University and ADHD

2014-04-22 08:32:04

As we move into the spring, and thoughts turn to better weather and vacation time, it’s hard to believe that very soon your child will be moving on to University or College in September. If they are entering the final years of high school next September, it is also a very important time. With ADHD, your child needs to know what strategies are helpful and necessary to assist them with their specific type of ADHD.

Say “No” and Build Your Self-Esteem

2014-04-14 08:32:44

We’ve all done it. You really don’t want to do something or go somewhere, but instead of saying, No, we make up an excuse. I’m not feeling well, or I have to work late, or something has come up, often is the excuse. It can leave you feeling guilty, anxious, or just not right. I have made those excuses when asked to play golf.

What to do with Adult ADHD

2014-04-07 08:20:18

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD after a comprehensive assessment, the next step is trying to understand what you will need to do to help with the symptoms. You may consider medication.

ADHD on the Road

2014-03-31 08:34:32

Having ADHD and needing to travel for work or business can be a problem. Routines often set, when at home, can maximize performance and potential, but are quickly forgotten on the road. Here are some strategies to help you stay on track.

100 Years and Nothing has Changed in our Schools

2014-03-24 08:30:17

While you have likely gotten used to emails, text messages, and the internet in general, watching any movie or show when you want, paying bills online, and so on, you would think many of these technological advances have moved into our schools. You would think so. However, that appears not to be the case in one very specific and important area.

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