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Why NO One Wants to Take Concussions Seriously (Part 2)

2014-10-27 10:59:56

This blog was initially published in August. Sadly as was witnessed on Saturday at the college football game in London, Ontario, no one appears to be taking concussions seriously. The star quarterback was played a week earlier just 2 weeks after suffering a reported concussion. That should never have happened. On Saturday, 3 weeks after the initial concussion, he was knocked out cold on the field. A second preventable brain injury appears to be the result. Unfortunately, it continues to appear that no

New Findings in Non-Medication Treatment for ADHD

2014-10-20 09:47:23

If you or your child have been diagnosed with ADHD you likely considered, or are considering, the use of medication to help with symptoms. A recent research article points to the ongoing effective use of EEG biofeedback to improve concentration and academic performance. The September publication of The Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment suggests that the use of biofeedback for the treatment of ADHD is suggested by the research. It is also thought

ADHD Time Wasting

2014-10-07 10:44:45

One of the symptoms we often see with ADHD is the activity that has little purpose. A child will move from 5 minutes of Lego, to 2 minutes of drawing, to 3 minutes of watching something on TV, and then something else. It will seem like activity without purpose and a constant whirlwind of movement. As you age with ADHD the activity in your mind may replace those physical movements that at times seem to have no purpose. You move from one project to another without finishing anything hurting your self-este

ADHD Parenting Frustrations

2014-09-29 08:38:54

Having a child or adult child with ADHD can be a frustrating experience. It can be especially frustrating if you also have ADHD. In my 25 plus years in private practice I’ve worked with many parents who get worn down and frustrated when trying to help their children. Here is a summary of some of those common challenges and what you can do to help.

How ADHD Impulse Hurts

2014-09-22 14:18:54

Having ADHD can mean many things to you and your child including acting too quickly without thinking. Impulsive behaviour gets in the way of performing to your potential at school, work, with family or friends. Money management is also often impacted by impulsive actions. Here are the different situations where acting too quickly can cause harm and what to do about it.

Is your child at risk for abusing substances?

2014-09-10 08:30:56

Often children and teens with ADHD are more susceptible to alcohol and drug use. There are a number of different risk factors that may help distinguish young people who are more likely to begin using drugs from those less likely to use.

Investing with ADHD

2014-09-08 10:28:37

As an adult with ADHD you likely need a very specific structure around your investing and saving actions. Last week I talked of the need to save, live, give and spend as the order and structure that would be helpful. I am not a financial advisor so do not make any changes after reading this without consulting your financial advisor. Here are some general themes that will help if you have been diagnosed with ADHD or your child has been and you want to teach money management and investment strategies.

4 Simple Keys to ADHD Money Management-No Budget Needed

2014-09-02 08:53:06

Having ADHD can mean that often you have problems managing your money, buying things you don’t need, impulsively buying a friend dinner without thinking of the consequences. Having credit cards can often mean that you are very susceptible to this problem. Here are the 4 Simple Keys to taking control of your money. For each create a small folder to put the money in, or 4 separate bank accounts to have money deposited automatically when you get paid

Why NO One Wants to Take Concussions Seriously

2014-08-14 12:27:46

Today in the London Free Press there is an interesting article of how the Fowler Kennedy Clinic at the University of Western Ontario is joining forces with an American network, to continue to research the impact of concussions on athletes and others who experience them. I am interested to know how an organization known throughout the world as the “go to place” for orthopedic injuries is going to use those professionals to diagnose and treat concussions or traumatic brain injury. Truth be told, no one will

ADHD Back to School Must Do List

2014-08-11 08:47:14

Hard to believe, but it’s back to school time. Having a child with ADHD means you will need to attend at school to make sure programs and modifications are in place before school starts. Here is my “must do” list updated for you this year.

Government Supports “Safer” Crack Smoking

2014-07-30 09:36:14

I am embarrassed to tell you about this. I still can’t believe our precious health care dollars are being spent on teaching people to smoke crack and use other drugs in a safer manner. It’s true. It’s called harm reduction. Having ADHD can mean that you or a family member may turn to self-medication to control some of your symptoms.

Having Problems Focusing at Work?

2014-07-28 09:36:32

Getting the most out of your work day can be challenging for many reasons. Constant emails, un-announced meetings, distracted environments to name a few, can have a significant impact on your productivity. Working for someone else or yourself in your own business means you need specific strategies and structures to stay focused.

ADHD Strategies are Boring

2014-07-21 08:55:09

I am starting to wonder why, if we know how to manage our ADHD symptoms, many of us choose not to. Could it be that the very common symptom of ADHD, getting bored easily, is stopping you from being successful? Let’s take performing better in social situations. Having ADHD means that often when in a social situation if you don’t use a deliberate strategy, you may talk too much because of working memory issues, not understanding others’ conversations, or just not fit in.

Stress poses real risk, and might in fact be contagious

2014-07-17 10:55:54

We sometimes have a tendency to place stress in an entirely different category than other physical ailments. Sure, the effects of stress are real and can be felt, but we tend to separate stress from other viruses or sicknesses, and this connotation can sometimes cause us to take stress more lightly that some of its medical counterparts.

Getting Better can be Harmful

2014-07-14 10:48:41

If you or a family member has a diagnosis of ADHD or Chronic Pain things have changed in your family. Healthy families adjust to help take care of the symptoms or limitations placed on the person by that diagnosis. If this has been going on a long time, then the family system becomes rigid or fixed or less likely to change.

Stop Trying to Be Great at Everything

2014-06-30 09:14:35

While you may know your strengths, or what you are good at, it is highly likely that without a doubt, especially if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you know your weaknesses. People have likely been telling you all of your life what you don’t do very well.

ADHD Report Cards

2014-06-23 10:21:36

“Henry needs to pay better attention in class. He seems distracted and not doing his best. Homework is often incomplete. His desk isn’t organized, and performance rarely meets expectations. He needs to be more social with peers and come out of his shell. Have a great summer.”

ADHD Medication……and what else?

2014-06-16 09:43:30

You or your child may be taking medication for ADHD symptoms. Assuming you have received an accurate diagnosis, I ask this question: “What else are you doing?” It is a question you should be asking yourself each week you or your child is taking medication for ADHD.

The Summer ADHD To-Do List

2014-06-02 08:35:33

As we quickly approach the summer holidays, for children and teens, it’s a good time to get perspective and set goals and things to do. Here is my list for you this year if you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD.

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