The ADHD Fix

Changing Seasons and Mood

2015-10-05 09:21:52

As the season changes to fall, you may be noticing that you aren’t as happy, have some sleep or mood issues that weren’t around in the summer. The reduction of sunlight has often been centred out as being responsible for these changes. Some of us have full blown “seasonal affective disorder,” which is a diagnosis of depression based on less exposure to full spectrum lighting. Children and adults diagnosed with ADHD may be more susceptible to this diagnosis. More mild versions of this may also be present

ADHD Advantages

2015-09-28 09:33:17

Having ADHD can mean that people define you by what you can’t do. Often called the disease condition or symptoms of the diagnosis, others look to discuss inattention, hyperactivity, performance below potential, fidgety behaviour, speaking out of turn and quick to anger. But if you look closely, you will see that having ADHD often means that you have skills and abilities that surpass those of your “normal” peers. Here are a few of my favourite gifts of ADHD.

Do You Support the Spanking of Children?

2015-09-21 10:04:53

Many in my profession don’t want to talk about it or acknowledge that for some parents spanking continues to be a tool that is occasionally used in the parenting tool box to discipline their children. In Canada, the Supreme Court decided that the spanking of children over the age of 2 and under the age of 13 is allowed as long as parents follow the recommended guidelines. It is legal in Canada to spank your children. What are your thoughts? Take the poll question at our website Do you u

After University - What to do Next?

2015-09-14 11:49:58

With or without ADHD, finishing University can be quite an accomplishment. After the parties and celebration of getting your BA, what do you do now? It can be a frustrating experience as you hear stories of graduate level students working at coffee shops or in restaurants at minimum wage. As a parent, you want your child to start a career, something that makes sense given the cost and time invested after high school. Here are some ideas to consider.

Don’t Raise a Wimp - Raise a Strong Leader, Parenting Strategies from Birth to Adulthood

2015-09-08 10:54:20

I was sitting on the train a few years ago, and the talk quickly turned to what we did for a living and the state of the world. The gentleman sitting beside me told the story of why he was taking an “early” retirement from his job as a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at a prominent University.

Is it a Concussion or ADHD?

2015-08-31 10:02:30

You are playing recreational soccer and take a blow to the head. You get up from the ground and are dizzy, light headed and feel sick to your stomach. For a couple of days you are having significant headaches and trouble sleeping. You also notice that focusing at work or school is more of a problem.

Are You Spending Too Much Time Doing Homework With Your Child?

2015-08-26 09:48:16

As school begins, the thought of sitting and doing homework with your child can be a scary experience. Children and teens with ADHD are generally mentally exhausted by the end of the day, and have a hard time focusing on anything other than video games or active play. The amount of time on homework should vary with age or grade. My general guide is 4x the grade your child is in. So if they are in grade 2, 8-10 minutes a night, EVERY night is recommended; in grade 11, about 45 minutes a night,EVERY night

Markets Crash - Psychology Rules

2015-08-24 09:05:59

If you are watching the news today, likely you know that the world markets - and ours in Canada, are crashing. Some years ago, I wrote a monthly newsletter called “The Psychology of Investing” where I told readers what I was doing in my modest portfolio and why I focused exclusively on psychological analysis for doing so. Things went well, but people started telling me they were investing as I was. That motivated me to shut it down because I didn’t want to be responsible for their fates.

5 Things You Must Never Do to ADHD Children

2015-08-17 10:45:04

You would think after all of these years of writing this blog, doing a podcast, explaining the research, and discussing best practices, I may have made a difference with some schools. Maybe it is because we advocate very strongly for our clients when schools or agencies will not meet the needs of children, teens or adults diagnosed with ADHD so schools try to not cooperate. A high school principal was quoted by a parent last year to say that: “Now that you went to the Svec Clinic, we have to make all the

Getting ADHD School Ready

2015-08-10 10:20:49

It’s hard to believe that very shortly we will be back at school. Elementary, high school or college and university students will be back within a couple of weeks. For those of us with ADHD, it marks the time when we need to step up our return to school structure and routines. It’s time to put in place what will be needed in September to achieve success. Here are my must do items:

How Do You Relax?

2015-07-27 10:31:28

This time of the year we are in the business of taking time off to relax, rejuvenate our energies, recharge our brain and spend valuable time with family or friends. It can be very difficult to suddenly shut down, avoid emails or the rush of deadlines. I often recommend that you gradually wind down before vacation then wind back up before you return. Here are some activities and things I do to relax when on vacation that may help you as well.

How Technology has Failed Us

2015-07-20 10:26:17

It was supposed to be, and still is touted as, the saviour to learning and education. Access to technology and real time information was to transform learning for our children at school and yourself at work or play. For those with access to the internet and a reasonable computer, most learning is at our finger tips so to speak. But in many areas, technology has harmed, not helped, us. Schools and workplaces are slow to change and here are some of the problems.

Getting an ADHD Coach

2015-07-13 10:34:19

Having a coach to help you achieve your goals can be one of the most important choices you make for yourself or your child after being diagnosed with ADHD. Executive coaching, personal coaching, or business coaching have been popular for some time, helping many of us achieve our true potential. Here are some ideas of what to look for when choosing a coach to help with ADHD:

Current Treatment Philosophies Encourage Drug Use

2015-07-13 10:33:30

If you use one gram of cocaine per day, does cutting down to a half gram per day make anything better? Harm reduction strategies including providing clean mouth pieces to attach to crack pipes, clean needles to inject drugs, and therapy aimed at reducing use by certain percent have become very popular in Ontario and across Canada over the last decade. Here are some reasons against using harm reduction, and why I believe we need to provide abstinence-based treatment for addiction:

Does Being the Best Matter?

2015-07-06 09:58:02

It is not unusual today to find that in most schools and sports environments with children we are reluctant to admit that winning or being the best matters. At least that is what I am being told by many teachers through blogs, discussions and posts on Linked In. I suggested about a year ago that having a pizza party to celebrate students who received As was a good thing even though students who achieved less were not invited. There was an uproar, I was called many things, and those teachers that agreed w

The Good News on ADHD

2015-06-22 10:03:24

Being diagnosed with ADHD is often a relief initially because you finally understand what was getting in the way of achieving to your potential at school, work, in relationships, and with family. The next step is using the knowledge you gain from the assessment process to enjoy life and achieve your potential using new ways of thinking and doing. The great news is that these strategies and treatments work. Here is the good news about ADHD.

Why School Report Cards Don’t Matter

2015-06-15 09:30:01

In June your child will bring home a report card from school that is supposed to tell you as a parent how the year went. Marks, grades, some other new grading system created by a consultant are to translate to reflect your child’s year. In Ontario, many of you won’t receive a report card as teachers are on strike. Here’s why you don’t need to worry, and what you can do to create your own report.

ADHD Empathy

2015-06-08 09:16:32

ADHD impulsive behaviour or actions are often a problem. Reacting too quickly when faced with a crisis, social situation on the playground or at work can cause problems with others and chisel away at your self-esteem. The saving grace for those of us with ADHD is the feeling that often happens after such an action. Children are truly sorry after reacting aggressively to a push in a soccer game or saying something they later regret. When the impulsive action is aggressive, it increases the impact of that

When Schools Get it Right - Thank you Lucas Secondary School

2015-06-01 09:12:12

In London, Ontario recently, a high school Student made news because she protested the fact that she was sent home by Lucas Secondary School administration for violating the dress code. Social media kicked in, other students joined, and walkouts and protests made the news. How dare they (the school administration) discriminate against girls because of what they wear? How dare they think that somehow wearing skimpy clothes would be distracting to the young men of the school? The decision by the vice-prin

Planning a Great ADHD Summer

2015-05-25 09:43:54

As spring turns to summer, you are likely looking to plan the summer holidays for your child. If things are going well, it’s likely partially because of the structure you have created for your child; when to get up for school, what chores are needed, the structure of school itself followed by homework, and other activities to finish the day. The 3 months away from school doesn’t mean that the structure should stop. In fact, if you want a great summer with your child, you need to plan it and even add more

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