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Entitled Generation - An Epidemic?

2016-02-08 10:56:39

One of my favourite restaurants on the East Coast of Canada closed recently, and the owner reported that part of her decision was based on the quality of the employees in the workforce today. She was quoted saying: “it's hard to get ‘the new generation’ to look away from their phones and focus on their jobs. When they're reading that cellphone … their focus on productivity is not there.”

ADHD Retirement

2016-02-01 10:52:21

Retirement is something many look forward to when in the working world. The thought of doing what you want when you want without having to worry about your boss, clients or money can be inspiring. Often retirement is thought of as a financial accomplishment, finally having enough money to leave the work life to complete luxury and freedom. Initially there is that jubilation of being away from the 9-5, but the reality can quickly hit that you are spinning. With ADHD, work life provides structure. You ar

Why Children Kill? Trying to Understand La Loche

2016-01-25 11:56:18

The tragedy of the shootings in La Loche, Saskatchewan is an event that is difficult to understand. Many of us want to know what happened so that we can prevent such future tragedy to happen again anywhere in Canada. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple question. There are two general types of research or inquiry by social scientists, but you need to be careful when you consider what you likely will hear in the days to come. Some will point to poverty, lack of opportunity, possible mental health issues or a

ADHD Habits

2016-01-18 08:59:02

It can be difficult to get in the habit of working out, training or doing repetitive tasks to get good-great at something. If you want to be a great chess player for example, you have to study, have matches and study some more. If you want to be a great curler you need to throw a lot of rocks each day and study the game. Most of the training or practice you need to do to be great is very boring for someone with ADHD. The novelty quickly wears off and then skipping to something else can prevent you from

How to Parent with Courage

2016-01-11 15:45:52

After last week’s blog, I have been asked by a number of readers to further explain what I mean by Parent with Courage. Here is a short summary of the points to think about. In future blogs I’ll expand on each and give you more information to help.

The Five Dumbest Parenting Trends of 2015

2016-01-04 10:11:30

As a parent, you have likely consumed every “expert” article, strategy, and tip available on the internet. I am one of those people that provide regular information and helpful strategies to parents in this blog or on the web in parenting classes and other media. So to give some balance to what is available out there, I have gathered a list of what I think are the dumbest trends or ideas that we have been exposed to in 2015. We can agree to disagree, and you will notice that many of these trends have bee

Concussion Law Inspires Cooperation

2015-12-14 09:25:46

As I sat in the Member’s Gallery at Queen’s Park yesterday watching the members discuss issues of concussions in Ontario, I was drawn to the different stories of their own personal experiences with Traumatic Brain Injury. That is what a concussion is: a Traumatic Brain Injury. Among the many things it will improve, Rowan’s Law should empower all of us to say those words: Traumatic Brain Injury.

Why La Ronge, Saskatchewan is getting it “La Wrong”

2015-12-07 09:32:55

Do you remember in grade 5 or 6 when someone would act up in class and you were kept in at recess because of their behaviour? You did nothing wrong, got your work finished and could hardly wait for that game of British Bull Dog or soccer, only to be told you were being punished and lost recess because of what someone else did.

Do We Have an ADHD Epidemic?

2015-11-23 10:19:06

Each year we are told that more and more children and now adults are diagnosed with ADHD. The statistics are startling. While this detail isn’t available for Canada, I would suspect that it is a similar trend if you take 10% of the totals below.

When Silence Matters

2015-11-16 10:54:57

On Saturday, I was taking a flight from the United States back home on a plane with no television or free internet. I didn’t bring a book on board and didn’t feel like opening up my computer to work on that next project. So, I just sat there, but it was going to be a two and a half hour flight.

Managing ADHD Anger

2015-11-09 10:36:58

Having ADHD can mean that you get very frustrated when things don’t seem to go your way. On the playground, something happens in a soccer game that doesn’t seem fair, so you lash out. At work, a colleague rolls in late and no one says anything, but your manager comments on your being late after lunch. The feelings of anger can at times be overwhelming and cause a number of emotional reactions including cognitive problems, crying (because you are just holding in so much, crying is all that seems to happen

Why No One Wants You to Get or Stay Healthy

2015-11-02 09:20:02

As an anniversary of sorts approaches for, it is a great time to reflect on a reality that few of us want to admit or accept. Most organizations who engage in some sort of health rehabilitation service benefit from your having a life-long chronic illness that you need them for. They don’t want you to take care of it yourself, and they don’t want you ever, and I mean ever, to be “cured.”

How is Your Child Doing in School?

2015-10-26 10:29:03

This time of the year, students at all levels of school start getting report cards or reports to parents on how things are going. Unfortunately, many students who require special accommodation because of ADHD are still waiting for meetings to put things in place. Here are some steps you can take when you get report cards or feedback from your child’s school:

Shaping ADHD Entrepreneurial Ideas - Use this Tool

2015-10-19 09:41:47

You have an idea for a new business, process or invention. As an Entrepreneur, you likely have 5 or more of these each day. As an Entrepreneur with ADHD, you may have 10 or 20. It’s a rush to have that “new” thought. We know that the creative mind and ADHD brain with some types of ADHD gets rewarded and activated with this new novelty. Jumping from idea to idea can be a problem. You can spend a great deal of time on an idea that you tried before, isn’t helpful or has no support. Here is a tool I use

NO Cell Phones in School

2015-10-08 15:08:24

I find it hard to even have to address this. Educators and many parents are losing their minds. I understand that most teachers are REQUIRED to allow students to have cell phones at school, and in many cases, must allow them to use them during class. Teachers tell me that students will use them while they should be paying attention to the class, and even during exams, texting answers to each other.

Changing Seasons and Mood

2015-10-05 09:21:52

As the season changes to fall, you may be noticing that you aren’t as happy, have some sleep or mood issues that weren’t around in the summer. The reduction of sunlight has often been centred out as being responsible for these changes. Some of us have full blown “seasonal affective disorder,” which is a diagnosis of depression based on less exposure to full spectrum lighting. Children and adults diagnosed with ADHD may be more susceptible to this diagnosis. More mild versions of this may also be present

ADHD Advantages

2015-09-28 09:33:17

Having ADHD can mean that people define you by what you can’t do. Often called the disease condition or symptoms of the diagnosis, others look to discuss inattention, hyperactivity, performance below potential, fidgety behaviour, speaking out of turn and quick to anger. But if you look closely, you will see that having ADHD often means that you have skills and abilities that surpass those of your “normal” peers. Here are a few of my favourite gifts of ADHD.

Do You Support the Spanking of Children?

2015-09-21 10:04:53

Many in my profession don’t want to talk about it or acknowledge that for some parents spanking continues to be a tool that is occasionally used in the parenting tool box to discipline their children. In Canada, the Supreme Court decided that the spanking of children over the age of 2 and under the age of 13 is allowed as long as parents follow the recommended guidelines. It is legal in Canada to spank your children. What are your thoughts? Take the poll question at our website Do you u

After University - What to do Next?

2015-09-14 11:49:58

With or without ADHD, finishing University can be quite an accomplishment. After the parties and celebration of getting your BA, what do you do now? It can be a frustrating experience as you hear stories of graduate level students working at coffee shops or in restaurants at minimum wage. As a parent, you want your child to start a career, something that makes sense given the cost and time invested after high school. Here are some ideas to consider.

Don’t Raise a Wimp - Raise a Strong Leader, Parenting Strategies from Birth to Adulthood

2015-09-08 10:54:20

I was sitting on the train a few years ago, and the talk quickly turned to what we did for a living and the state of the world. The gentleman sitting beside me told the story of why he was taking an “early” retirement from his job as a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at a prominent University.

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