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Why You Need to Parent with Courage

2016-10-03 11:34:08

It’s been an amazing week getting feedback from many radio listeners and others who have read my book, “Don’t Be a Wimp Raise a Strong Leader.” This past week I started a new radio show, “The Parenting With Courage” Radio show on 1290 CJBK in London, Ontario. It airs on Saturdays at noon, and it is also available online.

Who Are You - Really?

2016-09-26 08:06:01

Flying back from Fredericton, New Brunswick this weekend after speaking about Exercise and Brain Health, as well as doing a book signing,, I was inspired to think of the different roles we play in life.

Gold Fish Survives Surgery

2016-09-19 09:15:44

A recent article from Australia reports on the successful operation on a gold fish to remove a small pebble that was blocking his/her throat. The delicate surgery cost the owner of the “pet” some $500.

Do You Need an ADHD Coach?

2016-09-12 08:52:50

If you are looking for an ADHD coach to help you organize your day, achieve goals and experience the true potential you do have, it can be a confusing search. Currently there is no recognized training or licensing programs for coaches. Electronic coaches (you work with software, not people) can be helpful, and in some cases eliminate your need to seek out an actual person. These electronic tools can be free or cost as little as $9 a month.

Don’t Be a Wimp is Now Published!

2016-08-29 07:46:28

After 3 years of thinking and 12 months of writing and extensive editing, my book is finally published and available at all distribution sources. Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple, you name it, you can get it there now as we have final approval on all of those distribution sites.

Olympic Lessons

2016-08-22 08:24:13

When Michael Phelps continued to shatter records in the recent Olympics in Rio, many forget his early grade 6 diagnosis of ADHD. Here is an article from 2012 that further explains the ADHD story for him

Parenting Children of Divorce

2016-08-08 08:13:35

Children of all ages can be difficult to parent and manage in intact two parent families. Children with ADHD or other learning challenges can add to parental stress and indecision. But what about when divorce hits?

Parenting Crisis Key to Teen Stress

2016-07-21 10:00:09

A study announced today, has pointed to the increasing levels of stress and anxiety among teenagers in Ontario Canada . The study questions the contribution made by the increased time on “screens” including digital phones and Ipads. What the study fails to discuss, however, is that stress, anxiety and even depression in young people is often caused by the child’s false belief that they have total control over their environment or are trying to change so

The ADHD Fix - Get Your Free Copy

2016-07-18 08:07:46

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since the launch of our book “The ADHD Fix,” where my son Joshua and I discuss the 15 Strategies you need to use to achieve success. With the changing technologies and the popularity of the book, we are set to launch the 3rd printing at within a couple of weeks.

Busting Summer Stress

2016-07-11 07:53:08

You may have noticed that as we moved into summer your stress levels are increasing. It may be because of change in routine, being with the children most of the day, or an increase in work responsibilities as your colleagues take vacation. Take a quick inventory now and rate your stress from 0-10, 0 meaning no stress and 10 most stress ever. What is your score average this past week? Here are some ideas to help you understand and bust through summer stress.

What Makes You Happy?

2016-07-05 08:38:49

While those of us diagnosed with ADHD may seem to be more prone to depression and other ailments, most people that I meet diagnosed with ADHD seem quite happy once things get organized. We know of research that points to the fact that making approximately $75,000 per year is the sweet spot of happy.

The Adult ADHD Vacation

2016-06-27 10:41:52

Being successful as an adult with ADHD means you have a number of things in place that are working for you. From structuring your day, having the right supports, using prescriptive exercise, a proper diet and CBT strategies combined will work for you.

I Have ADHD, So Fix Me

2016-06-20 08:34:40

Once properly diagnosed with ADHD, you have to ask about your options for treatment. The word treatment often refers to the fact that someone else, or something else, will happen to make it better, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for it to take effect.

There is no Diagnosis for Evil and Hate

2016-06-13 07:43:31

The Orlando shootings yesterday can’t be explained. We try, we look at the state of mind of the shooter (the mental health explanation), the access to weapons by him (one side of the political debate) to the belief that if those in the crowd had more guns they could have shot him instead (the other side of the political debate).

Entitlement Rules at Universities and Colleges

2016-06-06 09:56:37

This past week I received an email form letter from the president of the University of Western Ontario (they did change the name, but UWO still appears on any degree, so I call it that) telling me that Homecoming this year would be moved until late October effective immediately. The reason for the change was so that the weather would be less hospitable to party, students would be studying and therefore would break fewer laws. As one administrator was quoted as saying last year “we were a thrown beer bottl

Having a Great ADHD Summer

2016-05-31 07:23:52

As thoughts turn to summer vacation for yourself and your children, the thought of cutting back on your ADHD structure seems a natural fit. You are away from work or your child away from school or University so why should you keep up with the self-charting, prescriptive exercise or regular routine?

Could Having ADHD Make You Love or Hate Your Job?

2016-05-24 09:47:18

Some researchers believe that up to 80% of us hate our jobs and would like to do something else. You can read some of these findings here But what if how you feel about your job has nothing to do with that actual job? What if ADHD is causing you to be bored with an occupation or work activity that you should really be doing?

The Price of ADHD Oppositional Behaviour

2016-05-16 10:08:39

As a child, someone said go left, and you insisted on going right. You saw things at school that weren’t “fair,” so you fought them. You had teachers you disagreed with, so you argued. In high school, you didn’t like most of the rules, and fought for those as well. At University or College, you didn’t think the lectures in front of 1,000 students were worth going to, so you got notes online and from your friends and didn’t attend. You still got an 85%. In our practice, we often see this with Temporal

New Treatment Improves Memory and Regenerates Brain Tissue

2016-05-09 12:55:06

Scientists and researchers have finally provided compelling evidence that a new treatment is available to treat cognitive decline in aging and even the size of parts of our brain that are responsible for memory and concentration.

Exercise May Aid in Concussion Recovery

2016-05-02 10:23:00

Traditionally, athletes who experience a concussion are advised to rest and not do cognitive or physical tasks until symptoms of dizziness, inattention, nausea and sensitivity to light are resolved. Recent research, however, suggests that other than the first few days after injury, it may be beneficial to get involved in cardiovascular activity because more oxygenated blood is sent to the brain to aid in recovery. This makes sense at many levels, but we don’t have enough research to tell us what types of

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