The ADHD Fix

The Adult ADHD Vacation

2016-06-27 10:41:52

Being successful as an adult with ADHD means you have a number of things in place that are working for you. From structuring your day, having the right supports, using prescriptive exercise, a proper diet and CBT strategies combined will work for you.

I Have ADHD, So Fix Me

2016-06-20 08:34:40

Once properly diagnosed with ADHD, you have to ask about your options for treatment. The word treatment often refers to the fact that someone else, or something else, will happen to make it better, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for it to take effect.

There is no Diagnosis for Evil and Hate

2016-06-13 07:43:31

The Orlando shootings yesterday can’t be explained. We try, we look at the state of mind of the shooter (the mental health explanation), the access to weapons by him (one side of the political debate) to the belief that if those in the crowd had more guns they could have shot him instead (the other side of the political debate).

Entitlement Rules at Universities and Colleges

2016-06-06 09:56:37

This past week I received an email form letter from the president of the University of Western Ontario (they did change the name, but UWO still appears on any degree, so I call it that) telling me that Homecoming this year would be moved until late October effective immediately. The reason for the change was so that the weather would be less hospitable to party, students would be studying and therefore would break fewer laws. As one administrator was quoted as saying last year “we were a thrown beer bottl

Having a Great ADHD Summer

2016-05-31 07:23:52

As thoughts turn to summer vacation for yourself and your children, the thought of cutting back on your ADHD structure seems a natural fit. You are away from work or your child away from school or University so why should you keep up with the self-charting, prescriptive exercise or regular routine?

Could Having ADHD Make You Love or Hate Your Job?

2016-05-24 09:47:18

Some researchers believe that up to 80% of us hate our jobs and would like to do something else. You can read some of these findings here But what if how you feel about your job has nothing to do with that actual job? What if ADHD is causing you to be bored with an occupation or work activity that you should really be doing?

The Price of ADHD Oppositional Behaviour

2016-05-16 10:08:39

As a child, someone said go left, and you insisted on going right. You saw things at school that weren’t “fair,” so you fought them. You had teachers you disagreed with, so you argued. In high school, you didn’t like most of the rules, and fought for those as well. At University or College, you didn’t think the lectures in front of 1,000 students were worth going to, so you got notes online and from your friends and didn’t attend. You still got an 85%. In our practice, we often see this with Temporal

New Treatment Improves Memory and Regenerates Brain Tissue

2016-05-09 12:55:06

Scientists and researchers have finally provided compelling evidence that a new treatment is available to treat cognitive decline in aging and even the size of parts of our brain that are responsible for memory and concentration.

Exercise May Aid in Concussion Recovery

2016-05-02 10:23:00

Traditionally, athletes who experience a concussion are advised to rest and not do cognitive or physical tasks until symptoms of dizziness, inattention, nausea and sensitivity to light are resolved. Recent research, however, suggests that other than the first few days after injury, it may be beneficial to get involved in cardiovascular activity because more oxygenated blood is sent to the brain to aid in recovery. This makes sense at many levels, but we don’t have enough research to tell us what types of

Why Failure is So Important

2016-04-25 09:21:01

Just yesterday I was on my favourite stream trying to land a very nice steelhead that had just hit my small fly. As I was fighting the fish, enjoying every minute, I started wondering if I would release him or keep him for a cooking show episode (if I catch one, I usually eat one trout a year). Well no sooner had the thought hit me of how I would prepare the dinner, then the trout broke off my line. Had I tried to bring him in too quickly? Had I tied a bad knot? Did I forget to check the line for any f

Being Oppositional with ADHD

2016-04-18 11:48:46

If your child seems defiant and oppositional to everything you ask them to do, it can get more difficult if they also have ADHD. A recent poll at our web site found that approximately 50% of those that answered the question of who is in control at home reported that it was their children. Not a good thing.

New Research on Sport Concussion

2016-04-11 10:52:31

Each year about this time, my wife and I sponsor 2 little league football teams so that more children can play. It’s a worthwhile endeavour and activity for children who need physical exercise, learn team play and develop a work ethic. This year we thought of starting a new initiative that will in a small way help more children play football and other sports safely. We decided to start a center to research sport concussions. At the Sport Concussion Research Center our goal is to better understand the pr

The Psychology of Getting Elected

2016-04-04 11:53:17

In trying to help a person find a career path, psychologists often turn to Psychological-Vocational Assessments to help guide the process. This testing gives some idea of ability, intelligence, skills and aptitude necessary to study or start a career in a specific field. Want to be a plumber, electrician, psychologist, lawyer, accountant or run your own tech firm, we have tests and a profile for what most successful professionals in each field look like. Adults diagnosed with ADHD require very specific s

Do You Parent with Courage?

2016-03-29 10:29:18

As I put the finishing touches on my book “Don’t be a Wimp Raise a Strong Leader: Parenting Strategies from Conception to Late Adulthood,” I wanted to share with you the 10 item check list you can use to see where you stand.

Time to Switch Careers or is it ADHD?

2016-03-21 11:07:06

Switching jobs or even careers seems to be a common event today. The days of signing up to work somewhere and sticking it out until the gold watch is presented after 30 years of service to the same company or organization seems to be a thing of the past. It is generally reported that a person will switch jobs or careers from 5-7 times in their working lifetime. Recent statistics suggest that it is even more common to switch jobs every 12 months.

Rules of that Next Relationship

2016-03-14 10:34:08

Since I started private practice in 1990, many things have changed with regard to family and relationship structure. At Michigan State University when studying marital and family therapy, generally the discussion was on the conventional family structure and how to help people stay together.

Focusing on Work with ADHD

2016-03-08 15:31:26

Having ADHD as an adult means that while at work your performance may fluctuate from greatness to your boss telling you “not sure what you are doing all day, but a lot of this paperwork isn’t getting completed.” With gifted ADHD or more complex conditions, the performance at work can even be more puzzling. Here are some strategies to help you overcome this problem.

Is Concussion Baseline Testing Helpful?

2016-02-29 10:59:40

In 1993, when I was just getting going in private practice, I thought of the idea of doing paper and pencil tests for junior hockey players. I was helping some Junior B teams, and the thought was if we collected some information on their learning by doing psychological screening before they suffered a blow to the head, perhaps re-administering the tests after a concussion could help with return to play decisions. At that time the program was voluntary and only a few players showed up to do the baseline te

Is ADHD Confusing Concussion Symptoms?

2016-02-22 11:19:02

This past week I had the honor to be at Queen’s Park for the second time, with a number of clinicians, coaches and experts to provide input as the Ontario Government moves forward to enact legislation related to concussion awareness and athlete protection. At this meeting, I again became deeply inspired by Rowan’s parents, MPP Lisa Macleod, who pushed for this new law, and the other professionals at the gathering. The inspiration relates to being able to contribute in a small way in the area that I work t

Canadian Company Chosen to Help American Men Improve Mental Health

2016-02-16 10:24:26 and have been chosen as the only Canadian company to partner with, a newly re-launched intervention started in Denver, Colorado to assist men with accessing Mental Health Services. Both tools, created and developed in the small Canadian town of Blenheim, Ontario, are the product of psychologist, Dr. Henry J. Svec. provides prescriptive exercise programs and personal coaching to help users fight and prevent disease while the Stress Vaccine

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