The ADHD Fix

ADHD in Adults-Getting Assessed

2013-11-11 11:28:40

If you are wondering if you have ADHD, it may be because your child just got diagnosed, your spouse or partner is complaining, or you began reading my book, The ADHD Fix, and said “that’s me.”

Adult ADHD-Getting Organized

2013-11-04 10:54:53

Once you receive a diagnosis of ADHD, you likely want to start working on getting your life, and specifically, your day organized. Setting goals will help you do that. Long-term goals, although interesting and exciting for a moment, will quickly lose their ability to motivate you.

ADHD in Adults - Is It You?

2013-10-28 09:22:31

Perhaps your child has just been diagnosed, or your spouse or family thinks you have ADHD. It can be confusing because many conditions, life patterns, or behaviour can appear to be ADHD and even make you wonder.

Learning to Fight for Your Child or Yourself

2013-10-21 09:03:37

At some point with ADHD, you are going to have to fight for something. For high-school students, for example, in September the complete semester of assignments and required readings and examinations should be provided so that the student in grade 9 diagnosed with ADHD can be successful.

Ask me a Question

2013-10-15 09:14:17

I have received a number of email questions recently from many of you who listen to my podcast or read this blog. I am going to focus on answers to those questions in this blog at times, so if you have something you would like to ask me, and you think others will benefit from sharing it.

So Much we Can’t Explain

2013-10-07 09:41:57

It was an amazing day. We were floating down the Saugeen River, and I was into the 45th minute of the fight of my life on my fly rod. The Salmon had decided to use the current to fight my efforts to bring her to the boat for pictures and a release, but I would assume the Salmon didn’t know that.

Turn your Dreams into Reality

2013-09-30 10:02:36

You have a lot of them. You likely think of some daily. But, we know that if you don’t write down your dreams and set a plan, it is likely that you will never achieve them. Until you write them down and the action you need to take to get there, goals are just a dream, a fantasy.

Why You Need to Kick out Your Adult Children Now

2013-09-23 09:55:54

I know many of you will hate this blog, and likely transfer that on to me. It seems like it’s very difficult today to own a problem. It’s much easier to blame someone else. Likely, I will get more hate emails for this, than I did when I suggested that golf was not a sport, and that just because Tiger Woods was a great golfer did not mean he was not a pathetic husband or father.

Why Marks don’t Matter

2013-09-16 10:55:49

It was September of 1975, I was sitting in my first class at the University of Western Ontario (now called Western University-yes, renaming a school with a rich tradition is a very stupid thing to do).

Email Detox

2013-09-11 16:25:05

One of the latest discoveries of neuroscientists is that when we are waiting for or receiving an email, certain parts of our brain become active. It is the anticipation of getting and “opening” up something that makes us feel a rush of energy and at times Adrenalin.

Back-to-School Homework Guide

2013-09-03 10:01:24

As children and teens return to school, homework can become a challenge. Children with ADHD often have difficulty with homework, taking hours to complete something that should take 20 minutes. Parents get frustrated and can spend their evenings as “homework cops”.

Two Stupid Things Schools Still Do To Your Child

2013-08-26 09:04:38

I haven’t been a student in Elementary School for some 44 years now. That’s a long time ago. Computers, cell phones, and the new Coke weren’t invented yet.

Back to School Thriving Guide

2013-08-19 09:52:26

While the above title may appear a little awkward, it is a reaction to the often “Survival Guide” type of recommendations provided to those with ADHD returning to school. I’ve put together my top list of recommendations that must be in place to help you or your child thrive this upcoming academic year.

Are you Causing ADHD?

2013-08-13 08:36:56

I made a detour home after our vacation yesterday and stopped at a farmer’s market where the grower uses old-fashioned techniques to grow some of the best vegetables on the planet. It’s a small outlet, approximately 400 square feet of space at most, yet filled with the latest harvests from the farm and greenhouses.

Smoking Pot for ADHD?

2013-07-29 09:56:17

As more and more States in America consider legalization of marijuana for personal use, and discussions begin in Canada to do the same, it’s time to take a look at this drug in reference to ADHD. It is not uncommon for an adolescent or adult with ADHD to quietly say that they have been self-medicating with marijuana.

FDA Approves Assessment of ADHD to Include Brain Imaging

2013-07-22 12:04:24

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of the collection of EEG electrical activity of the brain as an important assessment tool used in the assessment of ADHD. The press release can be found here

Do you let your child play with friends?

2013-07-15 10:33:02

I recently read an article in a Canadian Newspaper that suggested that children rarely have time to play with neighbours today, due to their packed schedules. Dance, sports, camps, music lessons, tutoring, to name a few seem to dominate their agenda. As a parent, you may find yourself transporting your child to these scheduled activities.

Just Fix Me Already

2013-07-08 09:28:37

As more and more news comes out of Calgary and Western Canada of how individuals and communities rally to take action in the middle of a natural disaster, you have to admire the human spirit. It points to something very relevant to all of us today, in that when we have to, or are forced to, we make changes in our life. We take action.

ADHD Money Management

2013-07-02 12:38:04

Often, when I discuss a successful strategy for living a great life with ADHD, creating a positive structure is at the top of the heap. So what does this mean when it comes to money management?

Minister of Education - Not Parents - Knows Best

2013-06-24 11:45:46

If you remember a few blogs ago, I talked about the fact that today in schools deadlines don’t matter. Children and teens are not held accountable for handing in late assignments or not handing them in at all. This was echoed to me by teachers, so I wrote the Ontario Minister of Education through our Premier, Kathleen Wynne, and received a response that tells the story.

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