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My Gift to the Millennial Revolution

2016-10-31 08:58:44

By Dr. Henry J. Svec


The Millennial Revolution is upon us:   According to this video,, traditional character traits such as hard work, loyalty and perseverance are no longer useful.  The video talks of how to retire in your 30s, never truly work again and just travel the world.  The whining in the video that explains the revolution is nauseating.  To those of you that may buy into this pyramid scheme and really believe this psychobabble,

I offer you this gift:       Blow your nose, wipe your eyes and critically evaluate this revolution.  The hypocrisy of the website and advice is staggering.  Go to the investment section and you will learn how to invest in ETFs consisting of companies that the revolution says we all should escape from.   You should invest in those large uncaring companies so that you can then live off of the backs of millennials working for them? 


The whining of student debt, lack of opportunity and proclaimed barriers to having an adult life void of purpose may require another box of Kleenex just to get through the video and web site.  Millennials, I urge you to not buy into this fantasy.  There are only a few at the top of this revolution who can take advantage of your lack of insight and profit to retire at the early age of 31.  It’s not true.  There is no success without hard work.  This revolution as presented is designed to do only one thing:  Allow the creators to generate wealth on the belief that you will buy their story.


I have met and worked with many millennials who work extremely hard and become wildly successful, independent and happy.  They are smarter, as hard working, innovative and as determined as any generation.  They work 80 plus hours a week and don’t whine when a barrier of unemployment or struggle blocks their way.  They roll up their sleeves, ask to be mentored by an old boomer for some ideas or thoughts and take action with confidence.  Taking a minimum wage service job isn’t beneath them regardless of their college education, but a path to one day working at their dream. 


The generation of young people today are the greatest resource we have in Canada and the United States.  We need to teach them that rolling up their sleeves and getting to work is the key to work-life happiness.  Take the time to mentor a millennial today and teach them to benefit from your mistakes and success, just bring a box of Kleenex to your first meeting to illustrate the point.  No whining permitted.