Dr. Henry Svec is a registered psychologist who with the other psychologists or psychological associates supervise the staff of the Dr. Svec Clinics. Therapists, other than social workers (who are registered with their own college), work under the direct supervision of Dr. Svec or the other psychologists or psychological associates.

Dr. Svec or our other Psychologists or Registered Psychological Associates will review each session and co-sign each written addition to the file, including treatment planning and other assessment information. Our staff’s qualifications and training are listed in the waiting area of our office, but unless otherwise indicated, Dr. Svec is the Registered Psychologist supervising their work.

At times, sessions may be conducted via telephone or video conferencing, when therapists are unavailable at a particular office. Notification will be provided prior to booking.

If you are working with a therapist or psychological assistant, you may ask our front desk to schedule an appointment with Dr. Svec directly or other psychologists or psychological associates working at our offices.

Should you experience an EMG Assessment, the results will be interpreted by Dr. Stuart Donaldson, a psychologist in Calgary, Alberta.

Should you experience a QEEG, Dr. Robert Thatcher and his staff will analyze the results at their offices in St. Petersburgh, Florida.

The number of sessions required will depend on progress within treatment. It is understood that all information discussed within therapy will be kept confidential unless circumvented by legal authority, expressed written consent of the patient, or where harm to others or the patient may result when information is not disclosed to a third party.

Payment of Fees
Payment is required for each session without exception. For those with insurance coverage, the receipt issued after payment should be sent to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for your claim. The fee charged for each 45 minute session with each associate ranges from $205.00 to $350.00. Phone consultations are charged at the same rate as seeing a therapist. Reports and letters are charged at a rate of $30 per page. Fees for other services will be provided as scheduled. All overdue accounts are subject to a fee of 2% per month on any unpaid balance.

Missed Appointments – we must be given 24 hours notice of cancellation or a full fee will be charged. Any unpaid portion is subject to a charge of 2% per month.

When payment is not made, this office may utilize legal means to collect overdue accounts. It is your responsibility to gather information regarding insurance reimbursement for therapy. The office personnel will assist in the completion of forms if needed, however, the final responsibility of ensuring completion of such documentation and securing of funds rests with you.

Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)
For the purposes of this Act, Dr. Henry Svec is both the health information custodian and the PHIPA Information Officer. You may contact Dr. Svec directly by telephone (519.351.5518) or by e-mail (drsvec@drsvec.com) or by asking the front desk staff at any of our offices.