Book Dr. Svec to Speak to your Group

Dr. Svec can present to your group on the following topics:

  1. Leadership-Everyone -Everywhere:  How your Business or Organization can Win by adopting a Leadership model for all Employees. Dr. Henry J. Svec discusses the lessons he learned interviewing 6 great Canadian leaders for his recently launched book "Don't be a Wimp Raise a Strong Leader" and how you can start using these techniques today to improve your work and client care environment.  45 minutes.
  2. Parenting with Courage.  Learn how to do all you can to help your child achieve to their potential.  Dr. Svec will empower you to take the 6 steps necessary to raise a strong leader.  45 minutes or a half day seminar on this topic.
  3. Understand and working with ADHD.  Dr. Svec will help you understand the different types of ADHD and how best to help children, teens and adults thrive at school or work and within relationships.  90 minutes.

Fee:  Dr. Svec provides a limited number of presentations at no cost to Schools, Agencies and Community Groups.  Email Dr. Svec directly with the details of your planned workshop or conference dates to investigate his availability.