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How Donald Trump May Actually Win this Election

2016-10-24 07:59:45

Although we aren’t directly involved, as Canadians it’s pretty hard to ignore what is happening in the United States right now with the presidential election. Many psychologists have weighed in and tried to analyze Mr. Trump, but frankly, that’s impossible to do and not very scientific or helpful. It’s speculation at best. Here is my take on why I think he may actually win the Presidency.

Be Careful When Experts Tell You to Do Something

2016-10-17 08:48:16

In getting ready for work today, I watched the CBC discuss the issue of a 4-year-old child getting the wrong prescription for his ADHD and other behavioural difficulties from a drug store: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/4-year-old-given-10-times-the-right-dose-of-antipsychotic-drug-1.3801461. The prescription mistake is scary to most of us, but the other question you have to ask is what led to a 4-year-old being diagnosed as having ADHD in the first place and given an anti-psychotic medication?

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