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Let’s Stop Shaming Wimpy Parents

2017-04-19 10:19:58

You are standing in a grocery store, and a 3-year-old waiting in line with their parent throws a dozen eggs onto the floor. The parent smiles looks at the check-out employee and says “Oh my daughter is so intelligent; it’s really a challenge to keep her interested when I’m shopping.” The parent stands and smiles while another clerk cleans up the mess and offers no help, or pay for the broken eggs. You are watching and quite disgusted with the parent’s lack of action.

How Old Are You On The Inside?

2017-04-10 07:53:03

This past week, Mary and I met with the CEO, Sarah Goodman, of iHeart to learn more about the technology and innovation. We met with the founder, Dr. Jess Goodman, a few weeks ago. You can learn about the iHeart by watching this video now.

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