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The Good News on ADHD

2015-06-22 10:03:24

Being diagnosed with ADHD is often a relief initially because you finally understand what was getting in the way of achieving to your potential at school, work, in relationships, and with family. The next step is using the knowledge you gain from the assessment process to enjoy life and achieve your potential using new ways of thinking and doing. The great news is that these strategies and treatments work. Here is the good news about ADHD.

Why School Report Cards Don’t Matter

2015-06-15 09:30:01

In June your child will bring home a report card from school that is supposed to tell you as a parent how the year went. Marks, grades, some other new grading system created by a consultant are to translate to reflect your child’s year. In Ontario, many of you won’t receive a report card as teachers are on strike. Here’s why you don’t need to worry, and what you can do to create your own report.

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