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Is it a Concussion or ADHD?

2015-08-31 10:02:30

You are playing recreational soccer and take a blow to the head. You get up from the ground and are dizzy, light headed and feel sick to your stomach. For a couple of days you are having significant headaches and trouble sleeping. You also notice that focusing at work or school is more of a problem.

Are You Spending Too Much Time Doing Homework With Your Child?

2015-08-26 09:48:16

As school begins, the thought of sitting and doing homework with your child can be a scary experience. Children and teens with ADHD are generally mentally exhausted by the end of the day, and have a hard time focusing on anything other than video games or active play. The amount of time on homework should vary with age or grade. My general guide is 4x the grade your child is in. So if they are in grade 2, 8-10 minutes a night, EVERY night is recommended; in grade 11, about 45 minutes a night,EVERY night

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