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Leaving Tasks to the Last Minute - ADHD?

2016-12-05 10:19:27

You have deadlines to complete tasks at work, personal ones and even those of what to buy for someone as we approach the holidays. Leaving tasks to the last minute can cause an increase in stress and anxiety. But last minute pressure can also do something to your brain that then makes you complete the boring task or work just in the nick of time.

Uber and Taxis - Why Winning Matters

2016-11-28 14:46:49

I’ve been taking as many taxis as I can when travelling to support the taxi industry. I didn’t feel it was right to not help them in their businesses when they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their cab license, only to have it rendered useless by Uber. Cities and local businesses profited from the taxi industry and highly regulated the industry, which drove up the price of the cab license. Now Uber is changing the way we look at rented transportation. I was resisting until now.

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