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Why Failure is So Important

2016-04-25 09:21:01

Just yesterday I was on my favourite stream trying to land a very nice steelhead that had just hit my small fly. As I was fighting the fish, enjoying every minute, I started wondering if I would release him or keep him for a cooking show episode (if I catch one, I usually eat one trout a year). Well no sooner had the thought hit me of how I would prepare the dinner, then the trout broke off my line. Had I tried to bring him in too quickly? Had I tied a bad knot? Did I forget to check the line for any f

Being Oppositional with ADHD

2016-04-18 11:48:46

If your child seems defiant and oppositional to everything you ask them to do, it can get more difficult if they also have ADHD. A recent poll at our web site found that approximately 50% of those that answered the question of who is in control at home reported that it was their children. Not a good thing.

Recovery Support Blog

Where Do I Start?

2016-03-15 09:46:40

Often times when I meet with individuals seeking support for dealing with their addicted loved ones, it is as if they are in the midst of a chaotic storm, spinning in circles, struggling to find a starting point at which to take back their lives. I wanted to simplify the first steps to getting your life back on track when dealing with an addicted loved one.

“I’m not addicted, I only use on the weekends!”

2016-02-24 14:09:36

Does someone have an addiction if they only use on the weekends? Do they have a problem if they still go to work during the week? Whether it’s a friend, sibling, husband/wife, co-worker or yourself that uses every weekend, here are a few questions to ask yourself/propose to your loved one to see if a problem exists.

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