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Bees Take Bribes

2017-08-21 10:18:57

As things continually change around us, from what is happening in the U.S. to our own province of Ontario, many of you may be looking for some stability, some sense of tradition and predictability. The answer may be flying around you. This past weekend, we attended a seminar on the harvesting of honey from bees. It was a great 2 hours of stories and a demonstration with a hands on chance to uncap a frame and then taste the honey. It was offered by Bria Lee’s Bees, a start-up in Dresden, Ontario: https

Recharge Your Phone - Change Your Life

2017-08-14 11:16:03

You likely have a cell phone. The brand doesn’t matter much for our discussion today, but let’s say it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge your phone if it is without power. You likely do that many times a day. Recharging a phone is the lifeblood of the service. If you don’t do that, the phone is useless.

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