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Parenting Crisis Key to Teen Stress

2016-07-21 10:00:09

A study announced today, has pointed to the increasing levels of stress and anxiety among teenagers in Ontario Canada . The study questions the contribution made by the increased time on “screens” including digital phones and Ipads. What the study fails to discuss, however, is that stress, anxiety and even depression in young people is often caused by the child’s false belief that they have total control over their environment or are trying to change so

The ADHD Fix - Get Your Free Copy

2016-07-18 08:07:46

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since the launch of our book “The ADHD Fix,” where my son Joshua and I discuss the 15 Strategies you need to use to achieve success. With the changing technologies and the popularity of the book, we are set to launch the 3rd printing at within a couple of weeks.

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